2016 Travel Photographer Scores Update

The 2016 Travel Photographer of the Year scores have been updated to include the Hotels and Accommodation (Editor’s Choice awards). Community voting is underway and any bonus points will be updated when the results are in. Travel Photography Contest Themes Autumn Travel Photography: 1 Bonus Point for Community Votes to Priscilla Burgers and Stacey Brooks.… Read More 2016 Travel Photographer Scores Update

Guatemala – Mayans and Markets

Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, Mayans and colourful markets. Guatemala This picture of two Mayan women strolling through an Indian market, with volcan San Pedro in the background, is a good representation of many a traveller’s favourite destination in Central America. Framed by three volcanoes, Aldous Huxley described Lake Atitlan as ‘the most beautiful… Read More Guatemala – Mayans and Markets