Best Travel Photography Contest

Submit your best three travel photographs in our free-to-enter travel photography competition.

The contest is open to anyone with photos hosted on Fine Art America. If you’re not a member, create your own artist website (for free).

Tower In The Lake
Click on the image to print it.

The image(s) you submit to Best Travel Photography may not be altered within a photo editing software program; although cropping is allowed.

That means no cloning anything out of the original image, nor adding anything in; and no HDR enhancements.

We’re looking for travel photographers who know what makes a great shot, not talented photo editors who’ve learned how to digitally manipulate images that didn’t work once the shutter was released.

Our Best Travel Photography contest is sponsored by the Top Travel Pics group.

Voting will be open to the general public but there may be a special prize for an ‘Editor’s Choice’ winner. Details to be announced in the Top Travel Pics discussions.

To win the Editor’s Choice, your pictures should make the viewer want to travel there, or at least convey an emotion about a place you visited.

Why did you choose to go where you did? What made you press the shutter when you did? Is it really your best shot? Could you have done better?

Submissions End and Voting Begins: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 – 8:05 AM
Voting Ends and Prizes Awarded: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 – 8:05 AM
Times (Eastern United States)

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Selling Your Travel Photography Online

Are you looking for a way to sell your travel photography online and find SmugMug getting a little too expensive? Join the club.

I’ve decided to move from SmugMug and think I’ve found the ideal alternative.

Let me know if you sign up to transform your images into a flourishing online business.

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Meta-Travel 2015 Membership Levels

It’s taken a little longer than expected but we’ve finally added our new Meta-Travel membership levels.

Latest News From Meta-Travel

I’ll outline the basic details below and will create separate posts later, to cover the actions allowed for each level, and link to them from here.

Standard Membership
Standard Membership:
Can create a member profile for free; join a group; add comments and rate content. 5% Commission.

Promoted Member
Members with a completed profile, including personal profile picture (not logo), a nice Cover image, and who are already active in a group may receive a ‘Promotion’ level for greater posting freedom. 6% Commission.

Meta-Travel Tourist
Tourist: 45 days – $5 (2,500 Points); 100 days – $10 (5,000 Points).
Tourists earn a short-term upgrade and can enter travel contests. 8% commission.

Verified Member
Verified Member: 180 days – $16 (8,000 Points); 360 days – $24 (12,000 Points).
Add a website and exchange community points for Meta-Travel credits + earn 10% commission.

Travel Blogger
Travel Blogger: 420 days – $32 (16,000 Points).
Travel bloggers and photographers showcase their work, for extra community points. 12% commission.

Travel Critic
Travel Critic: 480 days – $40 (20,000 Points).
Travel critics savour life in hotels and restaurants; the proof is in the pudding. 14% commission.

Tour Guide
Tour Guide: 520 days – $50 (25,000 points).
The tour guide waxes lyrical about the places to visit and things to do there. 16% commission.

Travel PR
Travel PR: 560 days – $70. (35,000 Points).
Public relations is good for business and these folk know how to travel right. 18% commission.

Travel Scribe
Travel Scribe: 620 days – $100 (50,000 points).
It’s all about crafting the written word; travel scribes live for the thrill of the quill. 19% commission.

Travel Editor
Travel Editor: 710 days – $140 (70,000 points).
Travel Editors are highly respected members of the Meta-Travel community. 20% commission.

Social Log-in:
We’ve also added a Facebook Connect button and may be offering other social media log-in options soon; if there’s a call for them.

Your comments are appreciated. If you don’t want to post them in the open, feel free to use our Contact Form.

If you’re not a Meta-Travel member, Join Now.

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