The New Travel Notes Travel Blog

After considerable thought – and playing around with the interesting themes available – I’ve finally decided to move the Travel Notes travel blog over from Blogger to WordPress.

Travel Notes travel blog on
(Photo: Wikipedia)

The original mission of the Travel Notes blog, back in November 2005, was to keep Travel Notes visitors informed of new developments and highlight some of the travel articles submitted to us through

I wasn’t quite sure of the direction that our travel blog would take; whether we’d include links added to the travel directory, answer questions from the travel community, or look around for other interesting travel blogs to link to.

Perhaps we would use the medium for latest travel news or what was going on around the world – focusing on those special events that many of us would like to attend, often only possible through Internet hyperlinks.

Sometimes it felt like I was talking to myself, even though statistics showed that people were clicking through.

Hopefully, moving platforms will inspire me to blog (post) about my travels more often and share my collection of travel photographs and insights from a life inspired by travel; while continuing to keep an eye on what others are doing and pointing you to their inspirational work as well.

Once again – thanks for dropping by on your cyber travels, and please do come back again soon – to catch up on future developments in the world of travel.

To make it easier for you to follow the Travel Notes Blog, you can even subscribe to the blog updates while you’re here; by clicking on the button at the foot of the page.

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