Focus on France

To keep in the Poland-Ukraine 2012 spirit, I’ll focus on a different country playing in the tournament each day during the month of June; looking not so much at the national football team but more about travel to and visiting the country itself.

Paray-le-Mondial, France

Today’s spotlight is on France.

When talking about France it can sometimes be hard to know where to start.

France has 100 départements, grouped into 22 metropolitan and four overseas régions.

I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet who wouldn’t want to visit Paris.

The capital of France is located in the Île-de-France region.

Map of Departments and Regions of France

The numbers on the map are the official code for the department and can be found on car registration plates and postcodes in France.

Groups of departments have only been known as regions since 1982. Before that they were provinces.

Regions of France

Some regions reused the names of the traditional provinces, but their geographical borders may differ from those of the provinces.

Once you’ve visited Paris you really do need to get out and discover the regions of France.

Acquiring a taste for the regional specialities and the wines and cheeses that accompany them is the first step to a life-long love affair with French food and wine.

On Travel Notes, we’re working on deeper guides to the regions of France and in turn hope to cover each department in much more detail.

The great thing about travelling around France is that it’s always a voyage of discovery; especially if you get off the beaten path, avoid the tourist hot-spots and really sit down with the French and ‘casser la croûte’.

To truly discover France is to set sail on a voyage of the senses; where the degustation is an adventure made for the gourmet in all of us.

France Guide:
Official website of the French Government Tourist Office.

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6 Replies to “Focus on France”

  1. I can see why you would revisit often – having only been twice, I look forward to my upcoming third! Fabulous country to explore. Time to expand the number of regions I have visited!


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