Focus on England

To keep in the Poland-Ukraine 2012 spirit, I’ll focus on a different country playing in the tournament each day during the month of June; looking not so much at the national football team but more about travel to and visiting the country itself.

Trooping The Colour – Michel,

Today’s spotlight is on England.

In the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics (Jul 27 to Aug 12), England is expecting a bumper year for tourism.

People often say that they’re going to the UK or visiting Britain when what they really mean is that they’ll be in London for a few days; the capital of England.

Trooping The Colour

Anyone in London this weekend will be able to witness more pomp and ceremony.

Although The Queen was born on 21st April, it is traditional to celebrate the Sovereign’s birthday publicly with the ceremony of Trooping the Colour, on a Saturday in June.

The Queen’s Birthday Parade is held on Horse Guards Parade and this year the Colour will be trooped by the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards.

Applications for tickets need to be made in January or February, for seated stands tickets around Horse Guards Parade, and are then allocated by ballot in March.

Those without tickets can see the processions along the Mall from about 10am and watch the fly-past at 1pm.

Regions of England Map Within the Greater British Isles

2012 Olympic Venues around England

While they might be branded as the London 2012 Olympics there are venues being used around the country and even into Scotland and Wales; with football matches at Hampden Park (Glasgow) and Millennium Stadium (Cardiff).

It should be noted that the Olympic football will kick off a couple of days before the opening ceremony.

As well as the two stadiums already mentioned, football matches will also be played in Coventry, Manchester (Old Trafford), Newcastle and of course London’s Wembley Stadium.

Four other Olympic venues will be outside Greater London: Dorney Lake (canoeing sprint and rowing); Hadleigh Farm (mountain biking); Lee Valley White Water Centre (canoeing slalom); and Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (sailing).

Visit EnglandVisit London:
The official tourist information websites for visitors to London and England.

Oh alright, here’s the link to Visit Britain as well.

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