Farewell Google Reader


On June 30th I took what was probably my last look at Google reader then spent much of the afternoon trying out some of the other options: Bloglines, Bloglovin, Digg Reader, Feedly, NewsBlur, Pulse, The Old Reader, and Yahoo Pipes.

That’s when I became totally confused; as I didn’t get the hang of Yahoo Pipes at all.

With one eye on the Tour de France, I decided to forget about trying to figure out which of the above options did most of what I wanted from a new reader; sorted some my subscriptions into regions and imported them into my own website instead. I also updated the feeds on the Travel Notes toolbar.

I had been wanting to clean up my blog reading list for a while and finally had the solution I needed, especially for those who might still want to follow the old travel bundles.

You can follow our newly sorted travel feeds on the Meta-Travel Community Website:
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America, Worldwide.

Add your travel blog or news feed.

Visit a Random Post.


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