The Best of Expo 2015 in Milan

The theme for Expo 2015 was ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life‘ and included a number of food related clusters where visitors could learn more about food production and the countries providing the natural resources for our tables; seasoned with a large portion of tourist promotion.

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There was something of a protest in Milan at the opening of Expo 2015, by a group of anti-austerity activists on May 1st; but then there were the annual May Day protests in Switzerland’s banking centre of Zurich as well, so nothing drastic.

When we visited on a warm, sunny day later that month, everything ran smoothly.

We chose to stay at the Novotel Malpensa; driving there early in the morning from Zurich.

Checked in and parked up, we caught the shuttle bus to Malpensa Airport; for the Malpensa Express, in to Milan.


Getting to the Expo Site from Malpensa, with Trenord, couldn’t be easier; we just followed the signs on the floor when changing at Milano Porta Garibaldi, for Rho Fiera.

The Way to Expo

Some people started with a plan of which country pavilions they wanted to visit and used the Expo Map to get to where they wanted to go as fast as possible.

Expo Milano 2015

Other individuals were happy to explore at a leisurely pace, tasting a little here and a little there, while snapping away on mobile devices and thoughly enjoying their day in the sun.

Belgium Pavilion

Then there were those who seemed to join the longest queues and waste away their hours in lines; not really knowing what to make of it all.

Milan Malpensa

‘Of all the gifts with which God has blessed us, water is the greatest. It must be cherished and husbanded’
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman.

Vietnam Country Pavilion at Expo 2015
Expo Milano 2015
: (May 1st to October 31st)
View the photo gallery of country pavilions if you don’t have time to visit yourself.

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