Beaches Around The World

Clifton Beach - Cape Town, South Africa

The 2016 Travel Photographer of The Year Competition moves toward the summer with a look at Beaches Around The World.

Not any old beach shot. Please think creatively and only submit your best photography with a beach as its theme.

No sunsets, sunrises nor seascapes will be considered. We’ll have these contests later.

I better say it right from the start, a lighthouse is not a beach.

Most of the submission guidelines are standard for our Travel Photography contests but they still get ignored from time to time.

* 1. Colour Travel Photography Only.

No Digital Art nor Paintings. No black and white, sepia nor digitally manipulated images.

We’re looking for Travel Photographers not masters of photo-editing software; although the crop tool can be your your best friend.

* 2. Fine Art America watermarks should not overpower the image.

No other text nor copyright notices should appear on the photograph either. If you’re worried about theft of images, don’t put them online.

* 3. Photos need good descriptions because not all of them are really worth a thousand words; on their own.

✈ We can’t go far wrong if we ask these questions to ourselves: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

► Sponsored by the Top Travel Pics group, entries that do not follow our submission guidelines will be deleted.

Images that are considered weak will also be removed from competition.

Previous Contests:
An image entered in one of our travel photography contests should not be entered in another.

We’re looking for travel photographers who know what makes a good travel photograph and can display a variety of high-quality, travel images.

Although voting is open to the general public (for fun only), only pictures earning an Editor’s Choice Award may be featured on and earn points in our Travel Photographer of The Year competition.

It’s the picture editor you have to impress with your talent, vision and interpretation of the travel photography themes, not your family and friends on Facebook

2016 Travel Photography Contest – Keeping Score:
These are the real winners in the year-long challenge to be considered the best Travel Photographer on Fine Art America.

Beaches Around The World – Submissions Thread.

We’ll also feature some of the best Beaches Around The World pics uploaded to the Top Travel Pics Group during the fourteen days of competition; if the quality is high and the photographer posts in the relevant discussion thread.

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