Cities Around The World Travel Photography

Over eighty travel photographers entered our Cities Around The World Travel Photography contest on Fine Art America.

St Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia – by Michel (Travel Pics)

As picture editor, I selected the following images as best of the bunch.

I felt all images filled the frame with interest and perfectly illustrated the general theme of Cities Around The World.

Parliament House, Canberra The Flatiron Building Tokyo Panorama Boston Skyline Rio de Janeiro Chicago River View Honolulu and Waikiki
Parliament House, Canberra by Steven Ralser.
The Flatiron Building by Alexandre Martins.
Panorama of Tokyo by Jill Mitchell.
Boston Skyline by Elvira Pinkhas.
Rio de Janeiro by Carlos Amaro.
Room With a River View, Chicago by Donna Spadola.
Honolulu and Waikiki by Mary Deal.

Pay them a visit to see what else they have in their portfolios.

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2016 Travel Photographer of The Year Competition.
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Armenian Prayer Beads

Travel Up Close is the theme for Round Fifteen.

2016 Travel Photographer of The Year Contest Themes

Queen Elizabeth II Bridges Travel Photography Winter Travel Photography Landmarks Hotels and Accommodation Famous Lakes and RiversVillage LifeColourful MarketsLandscapesClifton Beach - Cape Town, South AfricaSt Petersburg, RussiaArmenian Prayer Beads

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