Banned Hashtags on Instagram

Have you ever posted something to Instagram and not received 1,000 likes within a few seconds?

It must be painful to watch the heart pump out its little blood red dot and look to see who all those people are, doing the liking.

A problem many of us probably don’t have.

With a few well chosen #hashtags though, we should at least spark some interest.

Even if we don’t get thousands of likes, we usually expect to get into double digits within a few minutes, before the picture drifts out of visibility.

But nothing. Not one like?

Well, I did get one and I was wondering how the person found me; and even added a follow to the like?

The photo was not showing up anywhere; except on the @TravelNotesPhotos account page and the location page – Hanoi, Vietnam.

I deleted the photo, changed a few hashtags and tried again.


I try not to use anywhere near the (so I’ve heard) 30 #hashtag limit and I certainly don’t post enough to be considered a spammer.

Perhaps I was being penalised for making just 68 posts since August 31, 2016.

I’d heard of banned hashtags, as you do, but didn’t think my Hanoi Street Barber was doing anything wrong.

So I rummaged around, tested tags I commonly use in the search box.

Could #FineArtAmerica be the problem?

No. All clear.

Instagram doesn’t seem to be so flooded with the cross promoting brigade, as there’s no way to get to the art from the photo; unless someone goes to the profile page.

I visit other people’s profiles, but I seldom click on their link; unless it looks like it could be an interesting blog.

I read that if one hashtag is banned, the whole lot wouldn’t work.

Then I hit the jackpot.

List of Banned Instagram Hashtags (2018)
by Alexandra | Jan 15, 2018 | Instagram Tips


My ‘banned hashtag’ was #Asia. One I didn’t think to test.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Alexandra!

Anyone interested in Instagram should look through these Instagram Tips.

If you have any Instagram Tips or questions, just post away.

I’ll be adding more of what I find interesting as we move forward.

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📷 Michel

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