2014 Travel Notes Calendar – Travel Photography From Europe

The 2014 Travel Notes Calendar is out; featuring a collection of travel photographs taken while driving around Europe during the last twelve months.

Choosing twelve images to feature (one for each month) from a year of travel is not always easy; especially when one month seems to have had a little more action than another, or perhaps the weather just seemed better.

Last year, we featured an UNESCO World Heritage Site each month and I was tempted to do the same again this year; opting instead for a mixed selection.

Tower in The Lake - Reschensee

Cover Photo: Tower in The Lake – Reschensee
Lake Reschen is the largest lake above 1,000 metres in the Alps. Located south of the Reschen Pass, in South Tyrol, Italy the area is popular with cylcists. A large car-park near the lake is handy for drivers seeking a quick photo opportunity.


Santa Caterina in January

Santa Caterina in January
The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso clings to a rock face along Lago Maggiore.


Bernina Express in Winter

Bernina Express in Winter
This panoramic train is the highest mountain railway in the Alps. The section between Thusis and Tirano has been classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Budapest in March

Budapest in March
Budpaest at the end of March last year looked more like Budapest in February.


Spring in Sarvar Arboretum

Spring in Sarvar Arboretum
Guests of the Hotel Bassiana and Danubius Health Spa Resort Sarvar can enter the Sárvár Arboretum for free.


Bethlehem-Haus, Schwyz

Bethlehem-Haus, Schwyz
Built in 1287, Bethlehem House is said to be the oldest wooden house in Europe.


Palu di Livenza

Palu di Livenza
One of the most ancient pile-dwelling sites in northern Italy, Palù di Livenza has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Biergarten in Summer

Biergarten in Summer
It’s tradition in Germany and Austria to enjoy an ice cold beer after a long day’s drive. Some beer gardens are an extension of an excellent kitchen, like this one at the Hotel Schrofenstein in Landeck, Austria.


Rheinfall Schaffhausen

Rheinfall Schaffhausen
The Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen (Neuhausen am Rheinfall), in northern Switzerland, is the largest plain waterfall in Europe.


Chateau de Cormatin

Chateau de Cormatin
Located between Tournus and Cluny in the heart of southern Burgundy, the Chateau de Cormatin was built by the Marquises of Huxelles in the early seventeenth century.


Binn, Valais

Binn, Valais
The Bogenbrücke (arched bridge) in Binn, Valais is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance. The Binntal (Binn valley) is also famous for its rich mineral deposits and is popular with hikers; but then where isn’t, in Switzerland.


Battle of Morgarten - Schwyz Town Hall

Battle of Morgarten – Schwyz Town Hall
The Battle of Morgarten (15th November, 1315) is depicted on the façade of the town hall in Schwyz.


Chinon in December

Chinon in December
The Royal Fortress at Chinon owes much of its current appearance to Henry II Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and King of England.

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Travel Books For Christmas

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And of course, here’s a great book to curl up in bed with or read while waiting for a bus, plane or train.

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Before Winter Comes

October leaves bleed; weeping farewell, the passing rays of summer sun.

The mountain passes in Switzerland will soon be closed and hotels and restaurants that cater to hikers, in places like Binn, will give their staff an extended leave.

Binn, Valais

Avid walkers used the favourable weather presented to them at the end of October to make the most of the last days of the summer schedule to reach some of Switzerland’s hidden gems.

Those who didn’t fancy the drop in temperature at altitude chose to wander along the signposted paths around Switzerland’s scenic lakes.

But then they wouldn’t have seen the mountain goats still chewing on blades of grass; thinking, “It won’t be long now before the skiers arrive.”


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